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Certification Training


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Why Certify

Certification is the formal attestation or confirmation of certain characteristics of an object, person, or organization. This confirmation is often, but not always, provided by some form of external review, education, assessment, or audit. Accreditation is a specific organization's process of certification

Become a Better Version of Yourself

When you earn one of the international certification you:


You are a leader and expert in your field


Yourself from other professionals for desirable opportunities


Your knowledge and skills gained through all your years of hard work


You gain access to peer networking, mentoring, educational tools and global resources


You gear yourself with the power, education and networking system to face security threats head on.

Who Shall Get Certification

Security Professionals
  • Armed forces officers looking for transition to corporate world
  • Existing corporate professional to enhance their career potential
  • Security professionals aspiring for Regional/ National/International Assignments
  • Security professionals from non armed forces background to remain competitive.


A certification being pursued by security professionals worldwide is the Certified Protection Professional (CPP). Administered by ASIS, CPP proves the knowledge and management skills of a person in all areas of security management.


The Professional Certified Investigator (PCI® ) credential provides demonstrable proof of knowledge and experience in case management, evidence collection, and preparation of reports and testimony to substantiate findings.


The Physical Security Professional (PSP?) credential demonstrates your knowledge in physical security assessments, application, design and integration of physical security systems and implementation of security measures.


The CFE Certificaiton is a unique aspecy of the ACFE.

The credential is recognised and accepted worldwide as the stanndard of professional excellence.

Review Program : Breakdown

Module I
  • Security Principles & Practice (22%)
  • Information Security (14%)
Module II
  • Physical Security (16%)
Module III
  • Investigations (9%)
  • Personnel Security (11%)
Module IV
  • Business Principles & Practice (15%)
  • Crisis Management (13%)
Module I
  • Evidence, Canadian Law & Testimony
Module II
  • Chapter one to Chapter Five Professional Investigator Manual
Module III
  • Investigation Standards
  • Cyber Crime
Module IV
  • Workplace Violence Standards
Module I
  • Implementation Physical Protection System (chapter one to chapter nine)
Module II
  • Implementation Physical Protection System (chapter Ten)
Module III
  • Implementation Physical Protection System (chapter eleven)
Module IV
  • Implementation Physical Protection System (chapter thirteen to chapter sixteen)


S.No Module Duration
1 Module One 20 – 25 Days
2 Module Two 15 – 20 Days
3 Module Three 20 – 25 Days
4 Module Four 20 – 25 Days
5 Mock Tests 5 – 10 Days
6 Contact Program After 1/2 weeks of completing above tasks
7 Real Tests/ Flash Cards 5 – 10 Days
8 Last Leg 15 Days
9 Certification Test 100 – 130 Days (03 – 04 Months)

Steps Involved

  • Register with ASIS
    Register with Force 1 for Review Program
  • Register for Certification Test with ASIS
  • Complete Certification Review Modules
  • Attend Certification Review Contact Program
  • Book Slot for Certification Examination
  • Go Through Series of Mock Tests / Real Tests / Flash Cards
  • Take Certification Test & Get Certified

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