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PSP (Physical Security Professional)


The Physical Security Professional (PSP?) credential demonstrates your knowledge in physical security assessments, application, design and integration of physical security systems and implementation of security measures.


Indian Professionals : INR 30,000
International Professionals : US $500

What Is Physical Security Professional (PSP)?

The Physical Security Professional (PSP?) credential demonstrates your knowledge in physical security assessments, application, design, and integration of physical security systems, and implementation of security measures.

The Physical Security Professional (PSP) credential provides demonstrable knowledge and experience in threat assessment and risk analysis; integrated physical security systems; and the appropriate identification, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of security measures. Those who earn the PSP as ASIS board certified in physical security.

As a globally recognized standard of excellence for Physical Security Systems a certification obtained by over 15,000 security professionals worldwide, PSP showcases the knowledge and competencies of security professionals in three key security domains. These domains include:

  • Physical security assessment
  • Application, design, and integration of physical security systems
  • Implementation of physical security measures

Compared to non-PSP certified professionals, security professionals with PSP having a greater chance of being hired or getting promoted. PSP requires disciplined study—either on self-learning basis, via a study class or through an online group—and some relevant experience. However, the most important thing is to be committed to the process.


To be eligible for induction into the PSP program, you need to have a high school diploma, GED equivalent or an associated degree, along with at least six years of continuous physical security experience. If you have a bachelor’s degree or higher, you need only four years continuous physical security experience to apply for certification. Candidates can apply for the PSP certification online through the ASIS website. The application asks for basic biographical information, such as name, date of birth and address. It also asks for in-depth information on education and previous experience. Additionally, the candidate must provide three professional references on the application. Along with the application, the candidate must pay the exam fee, with ASIS members receiving a discount.

Why Earn the Designation of PSP?

A physical security professional conducts security risk assessments in residences, businesses and other public places, then sets up security solutions to protect against those threats. Using physical barriers such as fences and barricades, as well as technology such as computers and video monitors, the physical security professional helps protect people, data and material goods. Physical security professionals must earn specialized credentials that show employers that they have the knowledge and skills to perform the duties of the job. The American Society for Industrial Security, one of the top physical-security industry associations, sponsors the Physical Security Professional (PSP) credential, a designation that security professionals can use to set themselves apart from other professionals.

Professionals who pass the examination must prove their competency in integrated physical security systems, making them proven leaders in their professions and highly sought-after security professionals. This makes PSP a coveted designation or certification. PSP is administered by ASIS, the most respected organization in the security industry, which further enhances the appeal of earning the designation of PSP.

No matter what course of employment they take in the future, PSP is a designation which will always add respect and prestige to the careers of the security professionals who obtain it.

How to Get PSP Certified?

The eligibility criteria for PSP is already detailed above. The other requirements for getting PSP certified is taking and passing a three-hour long examination. The examination comprises of 140 questions which include 125 MCQs and 15 randomly distributed pre-test (unscored) questions. The exam covers tasks, knowledge, and skills in three broad domains that have been identified by PSPs as the major areas involved in physical security management.

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