Plamen Sofroniev

I definitely need to focus on Information security as it is not part of my core knowledge and duties in my professional life. I see a great benefit of the assignments and how they moved me through the subjects.

Capt Mayank Singh CPP, PCI, PSP, CFE, CISM

Capt Ajay Pandey, CPP, PCI, is a Security, Investigations and Crisis Management leader with over 30 years of experience in various sectors like Indian Army, Petrochemical, Refinery, Telecom, Gold Mines and Corporate Security. He has a long distinguished career in India and abroad (Armenia, Tanzania, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Mali, South Africa, Zambia etc. He is a great mentor and Subject Matter Expert in Security, Investigations and Crisis Management. He completed the ASIS certifications, CPP and PCI within a short period of time, with top scores. He mentors many aspiring Security professionals in the industry and he is also volunteered as a mentor for ASIS certifications aspirants. Wishing him all the best in all his efforts. Regards

Col Akshay Jhaldiyal (CPP Aspirant)

Capt Ajay with his impeccable qualifications and track record has been extremely coherent in his guidance to me for going about for CPP from ASIS. He explained to me everything in great detail, has been extremely helpful to me. I am really grateful for his help, time and explanation and I am satisfied with it. I will be taking him as my mentor for this entire journey from now on.

Lt Col Aman Katoch (CPP Aspirant)

I contacted Capt Ajay Pandey to know about the CPP program and its advantages. As a layman, I had only heard about it and to me it was just like any other online course. But after a detailed interaction with Capt Ajay, I came to know the worth of this certification. He gave an insight into the course from its value in the multinational companies and reputation of the certification in the security sector. Capt Ajay gave a detailed run down on the syllabus, modules and entire details on the subject. He holds immense knowledge and experience about CPP and the security environment prevalent in the companies and future requirements and challenges. The on phone interaction lasted for about 20 minutes and made me much wiser and knowledgeable on the subject which is a motivating factor for me and I'm sure for any new aspirant who seeks to attain the certification.

Col Faraz Saleem (CPP Aspirant)

Capt Ajay Pandey's , tips and guidance on the CPP and other certifications provided by ASIS are specific, precise and relevant . Besides this, owing to his vast and varied experience in the security sector, he has provided excellent suggestions for a career in the same sector. I also found him to be very forthcoming and enthusiastic in guiding services officers looking for a transition from military to the corporate sector, since he has a personal experience of the same, which he readily shares. I wish Capt Ajay Pandey all the best in his future endeavors.

Shashi Kant Pandey

This method is very effective. It also forces me to go through the manual which helped me in clearing my basic doubts. I got the instant result and interest level too has gone up. Looking forward to complete the remaining modules as early as possible. I am now charged up and further determined.


Module 1 has to be reviewed. Two days will be put to complete. Material is well built.

Rajeev Bali

Security Principles & Practice and Information Security were well covered in assignments and helped in covering all the topics effectively. The post assignment tests were also well framed with respect to time and types of questions.In information security a few questions seem to be out of book, however they were relevant to the subject. On personal note I understand that a more indepth reading is required for both subjects. This is because answers to most of the questions (in either subject) seems to vary, very little from each other and its difficult to differentiate between right/wrong unless read and understood in right context. Time limit was adequate.

Lt Col Aman Katoch

the module helps tremendously in going through the POAs when I compare my level of understanding before and after i have gone through the assignment is satisfying and gives confidence. It has been designed very comprehensively and with great amount of deliberation and hard work. Looking forward for more. regards

Abhijit Borah

Completed module one. It has helped a lot to understand about security principles and practices as well as about information security. Presently I am reviewing chapters of the POA in which I was unable to answer the correct one.


I have recently cleared CPP Exam on 12 Jan 2021. I had taken a mentoring program for same through Winning Edge. The program was conducted by Capt Ajay Pandey (Retd), CPP, PCI, CATS, who was our mentor for the exam. His guidance & support was instrumental in my journey to clear CPP Exam. I really feel lucky to have taken this program in preparing for CPP Exam.... Experience, positivity & knowledge of the mentor and course program was a great help in preparing for & passing the exam.... I convey my gratitude to Winning Edge, Force One & Capt Ajay Pandey (Retd), CPP, PCI, CATS for guiding me through this journey. I would strongly recommend this program to all aspirants of CPP Exam. Col KS Shekhawat